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1950 : He was Born in Tehran,Iran .


1968 : Infatuated by painting, architecture and Making 8m.m Film .


1970 : He went on studying Stage and Costume Designing in Theater at B.A. Faculty of Dramatic Art , Tehran Iran .


1974 : While still at Faculty, He was offered to work for two years as the production designer in Bahram Beyzaie" Stranger in the Fog" .


1976 : Graduating with his dissertation on the production of Stranger in the Fog, he went on working on" The Crow" by Bahram Beyzaie.


1978 : He attended" the University of Paris Vincennes" (Maitrise) of Theater In General (Scenography).

1982 : He returned to Iran and he has since worked actively on numerous plays, feature films, and TV series.


1983 : present: He has been teaching Set Designing at Tehran University College of Theater, University of Art, University of Azad.


Exhibitions : own Drawings, Paintings and Miniature for Set and Costume of Feature Film and TV series 9th Feb 1991 and 20th Feb

2000 Fajr International Film Festival.

1993 : Being one of the founding members of the Iranian Society of Film Art Directors, he served as its president for Two Years

2000 : He published “a first academic book exclusively on Production Design in film industry based on his Forty years of experience .


2002 : He has been a member of the House of Cinema Academy Award .


2002 - 2008 : He received Best Art Direction Awards in Iranian House Cinema Film Festival For Six Times .


2001 - 2011 : He Received Best Production and Costume Designer Award in 19th , 24th , 27th , 29th International Fajr Film Festival .


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